Monthly Archives: August 2012

I love exhibitions!! And go as much as I can to the ones that interest me most! I have since last year kept this exhibition book full of sketches inspired by the things I have seen there, my thoughts, postcards bought etc. Here I will post but a few extracts which I would love to share 🙂

PICASSO exhibition at The British Museum

My thoughts about the Picasso prints exhibition at The British Museum
My sketch of one of Picasso’s etchings plus one of his on the right as a postcard

picasso prints2


A wonderful exhibition, here some thoughts and sketches from there…


I loved Yoko’s cheeky video of Bottoms which really made me smile and The Wish Trees…write a wish on a paper and hang it was beautiful, completeley covered in peoples wishes (including mine), breathtaking…escpecially swaying in the wind!