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Hello vibrant colours!!!! Was basically what Vincent Van Gogh was introduced to in Paris and I especially love the sunny bright yellows.  Postcard from the show on right, my sketches of his work on left 😎

It was a collection of work by Vincent from the two-year period when he was in Paris and a few he painted after. There were also work by other artists that he came into contact with at that time or was inspired by. Interesting was the Japanese prints…and there was a beautiful Monet of long twig-like trees and a laundress girl with wonderful composition by Toulouse-Lautrec. It was my first time in this private Gallery, which took a good while to find and amazingly was for free! Hurray!! Anytime I can see more of Vincents art I’m happy!

I like the curved shapes of Picasso's "Nude woman in red armchair" made a quick sketch here on right..

I like the curved shapes of Picasso’s “Nude woman in red armchair” so I made a quick sketch here on the right..without the armchair! haha! Now it is “Nude woman, floating”! Tate modern is so big and crowded but there are a few gems there, like Picassos!! Left, my sketch of his head of woman.


Sketch of “Nude, green leaves and bust”

Why did i draw this? I don't know. I loved the paintings so wanted to draw a quick version for myself...I'm quite happy with the Matisse "Greta Moll" on the left, but the right Picasso "Crying woman" one has far too much detail I think, but it was hard to stop drawing it, its such a captivating painting that I just kept going and going!

Why did i draw these? I don’t know. I loved the paintings so wanted to draw a quick version for myself…I have a terrible memory and have realized if I don’t draw things down, I forget…I’m quite happy with my take on Matisse’s “Greta Moll” on the left and this super quick version of Picasso’s “Crying woman” on the right because I like that there is some empty space left for them to breathe in


There we went to the remaining Monet museum that didn’t see last time we were in Paris a few months ago


It was completeley different from Musee d’Orsay..the paintings weren’t as gigantic, but they were still absoluteley lovely. Loved the variation of the works by Monet there…and I will never get enough of the waterlilies aparently! There were some super abstract ones there that were amazing, its so different standing up close to them or seeing them from afar…here my sketches of them


Some green-blue calm waterlilies and upstairs there was explosive Paul Gauguin, loved his bouquet de fleurs, the colours! Also there was the famous l’impression painting that started it all. My sketches left, real print by Monet on shopping bag right


My exhibition book under work, quick sketch of a swan chair in the Napoleon’s sisters exhibtion that was also going on at the museum..some interesting objects and paintings there also..but I just could not focus on that knowing that downstairs was full of Monets!


My people rushing around a la Lowry style

I found out about L.S. Lowry from watching one of my faveourite shows, Antiques Roadshow, and was delighted that the Tate Britain had a show of his work in the summer. I like his paintings, especially the people! However the colours are very muted and overall grey-ish, but then again it was the industrial age he was painting, so thats exactly the right mood!


Watercolour flowery Giverny

Giverny, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, flowers everywhere!! Must be a million irises there, in all colours, not to mention red poppies all over and all other amazing flowers! No wonder Monet moved there and did such amazing paintings. I want to move there too.. 🙂


Right; My watery watercolour sketch plus a dried yellow flower from Monet’s garden (I rescued it from a cart full of pulled up weeds) Left; Postcard of Claude Monet in his garden, maybe his wife in the background? 1908. The garden looked the same!!


My sketches&watercolour plus entrance tickets

The garden was beautiful! And looked just like his paintings!! Took a million photographs there and did some sketches of them in oil pastel and watercolour. A really magical peaceful place. Also here, entrance tickets showing interior of Monet’s house. No photographs were allowed inside which is understandable, but he had a beautiful house with plants growing up along the walls outside and inside wonderful colours, like the kitchen was yellow and blue throughout! Beautiful tiles by the stove.


Top: my watercolours of Monet’s garden plus down: flowerbed in Hotel Baudy….full of peonies!!