GIVERNY: House&Gardens Of Claude Monet


Watercolour flowery Giverny

Giverny, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, flowers everywhere!! Must be a million irises there, in all colours, not to mention red poppies all over and all other amazing flowers! No wonder Monet moved there and did such amazing paintings. I want to move there too.. 🙂


Right; My watery watercolour sketch plus a dried yellow flower from Monet’s garden (I rescued it from a cart full of pulled up weeds) Left; Postcard of Claude Monet in his garden, maybe his wife in the background? 1908. The garden looked the same!!


My sketches&watercolour plus entrance tickets

The garden was beautiful! And looked just like his paintings!! Took a million photographs there and did some sketches of them in oil pastel and watercolour. A really magical peaceful place. Also here, entrance tickets showing interior of Monet’s house. No photographs were allowed inside which is understandable, but he had a beautiful house with plants growing up along the walls outside and inside wonderful colours, like the kitchen was yellow and blue throughout! Beautiful tiles by the stove.


Top: my watercolours of Monet’s garden plus down: flowerbed in Hotel Baudy….full of peonies!!


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