MUSEE MARMOTTAN, trip to Paris nr.2


There we went to the remaining Monet museum that didn’t see last time we were in Paris a few months ago


It was completeley different from Musee d’Orsay..the paintings weren’t as gigantic, but they were still absoluteley lovely. Loved the variation of the works by Monet there…and I will never get enough of the waterlilies aparently! There were some super abstract ones there that were amazing, its so different standing up close to them or seeing them from afar…here my sketches of them


Some green-blue calm waterlilies and upstairs there was explosive Paul Gauguin, loved his bouquet de fleurs, the colours! Also there was the famous l’impression painting that started it all. My sketches left, real print by Monet on shopping bag right


My exhibition book under work, quick sketch of a swan chair in the Napoleon’s sisters exhibtion that was also going on at the museum..some interesting objects and paintings there also..but I just could not focus on that knowing that downstairs was full of Monets!


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