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My little sketch

My little wedding-ey sketch 🙂

I went to see the “Wedding Dresses 1775-2014” exhibition at the Victoria&Albert Museum last week with my good friend Lindha. We both really liked the downstairs, where there were older pieces, newspaper clippings and footage. There were some great accessories using orange blossoms…small bouquets, wreaths, tiaras. Some dresses were made of muslin, which was really pretty. There were lots of beautiful embroideries ( even on garters in good ol’ 1848) and English lace (!). For example Queen Victoria’s veil had lace made in Honiton, Devon. There was a black&white film projected on the wall with different types of wedding material for example, veil styles from the 1920s — which was stunning!!!


My tribute

My little attempt of a tribute to the one&only Matisse. The doves are based on the ones from the Oceania- the sky.

I went to see the MATISSE: The Cut-Outs exhibition in Tate Modern last week. Loved it. Matisse is seriously one of my favourite artists and so I have been “waiting” for this show since October when I saw an advertisement for this upcoming show that would start the next April 🙂 I loved the colours but also the sheer scale of some of the work and that makes me think I should do bigger things, I love how you can be surrounded by the art and the colours and the shapes. Yess!! Will have to make bigger work! But then I need more space i think… Anyways one of my fave works there was Oceania- the Sky and Oceania- the Sea. Which were beautiful, “minimalistic” cut-outs in two big frames, taking up one wall each. And I read that Matisse (or more one of his assistants) had stuck the cut-outs right onto his own walls, without any paper or canvas underneath. I love that. Talk about amazing wallpaper, just cut-outs all over. And that is so much more free-r to work like that, and I saw some photographs of the cut-outs on his walls and they looked incredible there..they belonged on his walls, in his home. All in all a lot of amazing cut-outs in the show and super inspirational!! Oh and I loved to see how he worked, with the pins still stuck in some cut-outs and that a shape that looked like a single cut-out was actually made up of many shapes ❤

The colours

I used these bright colours..done with my old watercolours which took me over an hour to find&nearly made me loose my mind! I have to remember; “this is a good place to put them, where i can easily find them”— is so never ever true!! 🙂