My tribute

My little attempt of a tribute to the one&only Matisse. The doves are based on the ones from the Oceania- the sky.

I went to see the MATISSE: The Cut-Outs exhibition in Tate Modern last week. Loved it. Matisse is seriously one of my favourite artists and so I have been “waiting” for this show since October when I saw an advertisement for this upcoming show that would start the next April 🙂 I loved the colours but also the sheer scale of some of the work and that makes me think I should do bigger things, I love how you can be surrounded by the art and the colours and the shapes. Yess!! Will have to make bigger work! But then I need more space i think… Anyways one of my fave works there was Oceania- the Sky and Oceania- the Sea. Which were beautiful, “minimalistic” cut-outs in two big frames, taking up one wall each. And I read that Matisse (or more one of his assistants) had stuck the cut-outs right onto his own walls, without any paper or canvas underneath. I love that. Talk about amazing wallpaper, just cut-outs all over. And that is so much more free-r to work like that, and I saw some photographs of the cut-outs on his walls and they looked incredible there..they belonged on his walls, in his home. All in all a lot of amazing cut-outs in the show and super inspirational!! Oh and I loved to see how he worked, with the pins still stuck in some cut-outs and that a shape that looked like a single cut-out was actually made up of many shapes ❤

The colours

I used these bright colours..done with my old watercolours which took me over an hour to find&nearly made me loose my mind! I have to remember; “this is a good place to put them, where i can easily find them”— is so never ever true!! 🙂



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