Scotland trip, part II; The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art


There we are. My precious. My watercolours of a Picasso left and a Derain right.

I was looking for this gallery and so by chance I ended up in Modern TWO, the name should have been a clue there but I thought there was only one modern (apparently there’s TWO separate buildings…well, saving some for next time), but i think it was destiny because I LOVED it. Everything inside there was a definite thumbs up. There was the permanent collection with Picassos downstairs and the exhibition: “American Impressionism: A New Vision” upstairs. The permanent was free and photography friendly whilst the exhibition had a small fee and no photography allowed. I have never seen Picasso’s “Portrait of Lee Miller” before and it was enchanting! Colourful and charming! There were also beautiful pieces by Edouard Vuillard, Andre Derain and Henri Matisse. Matisse’s “The Painting Session” I have seen online before, but didn’t know it would be there, so it was a wonderful surprise. I love the composition of it and somehow it looks so easy breezy great. Derain’s “Collioure” is fantastic! The colours are super intense and I love the “blotchy” technique. Yes!! Vuillard has a few paintings there, but I think my favourite one of them there is “The Candlestick” or “Two Seamstresses in the Workroom”. The candlestick is quite a long painting and quite empty looking in one way, but very eye pleasing at the same time and in the seamstress painting I really like the different textiles/surfaces there, and as if it is only one little piece of a puzzle. I took lots of photographs there and realized Miro is growing on me. 


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