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My small sketches of the doors Monet had painted and one of the Poplars paintings, the sunniest one 🙂


Paul Durand-Ruel


Some notes

I LOVED this exhibition. Well, no surprise since i adore impressionism and Monet! 🙂 But it was interesting to find out more about the art dealer behind them/him. Without this guy, Paul Durand-Ruel who knows how differently it could have gone both for the movement and for the artists… he bought a lot of paintings from the artists, in the beginning without customers to sell them on to, but in doing this, the artists had a bit of income and could continue their work, so it was very important. He also gave them a space to exhibit in, sometimes food&lodgings and championed their work when others laughed at and ridiculed them. Yay, what a great guy!! He was on the brink of ruin many times, but via the U.S. he managed to turn it around and sell impressionist work. ❤ My favourite room was the one with the Poplars series, that Monet painted back in good old 1891. They are all so beautiful&peaceful. Same subject, but all different. Poplars in wind, in sun, with clouds, different times and season. Love that!  There were also many other beautiful paintings in the exhibition by Cezanne, Mary Cassatt, Sisley, Renoir, Manet&Degas.