100 Years of Taidesalonki

taidesalonkiOn the Christmas holidays we went to see the “100 years of Taidesalonki” exhibition in the Helsinki Art Museum.  I was really blown away, there was lots of art that was super colourful and inspiring! Lots of quick brush strokes and emotion. There are so many amazing Finnish artists that I am still discovering. One of my favourites was Ellen Theslef ❤


There was a still life scene set up in the gallery with paper, crayons and easels set up to draw. This is what I saw 🙂

Apparently Taidesalonki is Finland’s oldest still functioning art gallery and this was an exhibition full of artwork from the hundred years its been running. It was originally founded by Leonard Bäcksbacka as Konstsalongen in 1915 Helsinki. In 1919 it got the additional name of Taidesalonki and the gallery dealt with modern art and antiquities. Leonards whole family were active working with the gallery and in 1976 a large part of their collection was donated to the city of Helsinki. Today, the gallery still shows contemporary art.



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