It is a wonderful world

Our world is full of wonder… if we choose to see it. If we focus on the magic which surrounds us, it finds us even more. Law of attraction. I am still in awe that there’s a giant round star in the sky which keeps us alive with her warmth. The sun, she shines for us. Isn’t that nice? And in the dark of the night, cute stars twinkle for us from places in the past and our moon dances across the sky showing us different faces (phases). Many, little, tiny, different seeds can become giant trees, green plants, beautiful flowers, colourful fruits. And here we all are, just walking on this ball floating and spinning in space. Around and around we go. It’s amazing 😀

Everyday is a gift and I am so grateful and happy to be here.

I’ve changed this blog from focusing mainly on art to collecting and sharing thoughts, things, places, beings, and yes still art etc etc. which I find fascinating, interesting, incredible and joyful. My intention is to uplift and share the wonder in our world!

No matter what is going on in my life, in your life I believe in focusing on the positive and choosing to feel happy as often as possible. There is real power in happiness. With it’s bubbling, tingling energy/ electricity it lifts us up, so we are as if floating on air. And I cherish and relish seeing things from this perspective!

Now, that we are here, alive, on this abundant blue green planet, let’s enjoy it and ourselves 😀

Here’s to Louis & his fantastic smile 🙂 !


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