Yesterday was Martin Luther King day & I was watching a few videos on youtube of Martin Luther King Jr speaking… so eloquent, his voice is soft & calm as he speaks of coming together in peace & nonviolence. I love peace & non violence. Forever. A¬†universal message, as relevant now as then, at the very core of our existence. I also watched some amazing speeches by his wife Coretta Scott King who also championed human rights and was an inspirational person & speaker in her own right. I love them both!! We are all one, all connected to everything and everyone and it’s so easy to feel that whilst watching these two people speak, messages from their hearts to yours. One universal heart beating in one world. Let’s everyday fill ourselves with peace, love & freedom and show and share it with each other. I’d like to include animals in that too, for I believe all persons, all animals, all beings, all have a right to live in peace and be happy & free. Heaven can be a place on earth and dreams do come true.

martin luther king jr